US-93 (Blue Lakes) Improvements

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Thank you for your interest in US-93 (Blue Lakes) Improvements.

The purpose of this online meeting is to share information on this important pavement rehabilitation project.

Image of a busy intersection at Blue Lakes Boulevard and Fillmore Street with vehicles, clear sky, trees, structures, and traffic signals.

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Project Description and Purpose

This spring and summer, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will rehabilitate the pavement on US-93/Blue Lakes Boulevard in Twin Falls between the Perrine Bridge and Pole Line Road.

The project includes upgrading pedestrian ramps to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards and replacing the traffic signal at the intersection of Blue Lakes and Fillmore Street/Bridgeview Boulevard.

Canyon Springs Road access falls within the project limits

Project area map indicating the start of the project on US 93 and end of the project at the intersection of US 93 and Pole Line Road. Indication of traffic signal replacement at the intersection of Fillmore Street and Blue Lake Boulevard.

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Construction Overview

The current surface has reached the end of its design life due to heavy traffic, weather, and age.

Construction on Blue Lakes Boulevard involves milling the existing road surface and replacing it with new pavement. The southbound right turn lane will be reconstructed.

This project is part of Idaho Governor Brad Little’s “Leading Idaho” transportation funding solution.

Image of a stretch of Blue Lakes Boulevard with vehicles, clear sky, trees, structures, and street lights.

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What to Anticipate

What to Anticipate During Construction

Night work will help reduce impacts during commute hours for motorists, businesses, and residents. ITD encourages everyone to slow down and pay attention when traveling in the work zone.

Clock icon Construction will occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. up to seven days a week.
Directional icon During nighttime work hours, lane reductions will be in place. Flaggers will assist motorists through the work zone during certain times.
Double Direction icon During the day, all lanes of travel will be open.
Rough road icon Drivers should anticipate driving on a temporary gravel surface during construction. Crews will use dust abatement methods to manage dust and dirt.
Pedestrian icon At least one access point will be open for all businesses in the work zone.
Pedestrian crossing icon Sidewalk access and pedestrian detours will be clearly marked.
Noise icon Construction will be noisy, including equipment and back up alarms.

Business Access

Access into and out of the Magic Valley Mall and surrounding businesses will be maintained during construction. Drivers are encouraged to seek alternate access points provided to the property if one is briefly limited during milling, pavement, or utility activities.

Access will remain available to businesses and the Twin Falls Visitor Center on the northwest and northeast side of Blue Lakes as well.

Business access during construction indicates two access points on Blue Lakes Boulevard, and Pole Lane Road. Three access points are present on Bridgeview Boulevard.

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Construction is scheduled to begin the week of July 12 and be complete by the end of summer.

Visual project schedule indicating that public outreach begins in Late Winter 2022, public open house occurs in late Spring 2022, construction begins in early Summer 2022, and construction completion occurs in Mid-Summer 2022

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Stay Involved

Stay Involved / Thank You

ITD encourages you to stay involved during construction.


For questions, comments, or to reach the project team or sign up for project updates contact:

HDR C/O Jennifer Gonzalez
412 E. Parkcenter Blvd. Suite 100
Boise, ID 83706


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